Happy 2014!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful 2013, and that this new year will bring even more happiness to everyone.
In the past 3 years, we were and are so grateful for the love and support we received from our customers here at Izakaya Ginji.
As 2014 has come, our goal is to offer you our best efforts in high-quality dishes and even better customer service, as our New Year's resolution is "To give back".
We could not be the Izakaya restaurant that we are today without our customers.
We learned from ground zero, and your feedback taught us what dishes bring you back, and we've expanded our Sake selection in hopes that we can help you find "your" personal Sake.
Our chefs are proud to serve you with their skill of Yakitori on Japanese Bincho coal, and our wait staff would love to share their knowledge of Sake that has been gathered from all throughout Japan.

All of us at Ginji would like to thank you once again, and we will strive with hard work for your continued support.

Here at Izakaya Ginji, we would love to cater to your needs! We offer course-menus and can make large party reservations, we hope you can consider us for your New Years parties and social gatherings!!
We would love to work with your tastes and budgets, so please feel free to give us a call.



Now serving SUSHI for lunch hour!

Only a 10 minute drive from the San Francisco airport, <Ginji> is an Izakaya style restaurant located in the bustling area of Downtown San Mateo.
We specialize in Yakitori (chicken skewers) that are proudly served grilled over natural wooden charcoal .
Here at <Ginji> we carry carefully selected Shochu and Sake from all over Japan, and we offer Sake Sampler sets for our customers to experience and enjoy the world of sake.
Come drop by even during our lunch hours, as we serve some amazing Ramen with our chicken stock made from scratch!!

We have been featured on Hello Restaurant! Sorry, No English Subtitles.

We are a participating vendor of ANA!